Combating Climate Change & Global Warming

We need to create millions of good American jobs in clean and renewable energy, infrastructure and manufacturing and to directly confront the racial and economic inequality embedded in the traditional fossil fuel economy. We should:

  • invest in sustainable, resilient infrastructure.
  • reduce our carbon footprint in every sector of our economy, including electricity and transportation.
  • stop giving huge tax breaks to the big oil and gas companies.
  • move away from coal, one of our nation’s biggest polluters.
  • fund more green energy research.
  • use tax credits to incentivize the private sector to create new green technology jobs in hard-hit urban areas. These companies could then produce made clean, renewable, emission-free energy products for use by both the public and private sectors.
  • raise taxes on billionaires and use those funds to help the private sector transition to clean and renewable electricity, zero emission vehicles, and green products for commercial and residential buildings.
  • insist on stronger CAFE standards, with significant fines for any company selling vehicles that fail to meet those standards, and use those funds to provide additional incentives to automakers to build new plants in hard-hit urban areas.
  • tax the exportation of crude oil and use those funds to encourage clean energy job creation in our nation’s urban cores.