Delegate Dr. Jay Jalisi

is a Johns Hopkins educated, Harvard trained medical doctor who was first elected to Maryland General Assembly in 2014 from your area. He is a long-time advocate for social justice reforms as well as fiscal prudence by the government. He has made his mark in the Maryland Assembly by taking up issues that serve the community and not special interests groups. During his first term in office, he has worked across the aisle with both Democrats and Republicans to get a number of important bills passed. He is a small business owner, a resident of Reisterstown, and a father of 2 children. He is running for election to the U.S. Congress in 2020 from the 7th Congressional District of Maryland.


  • Dr. Jay is a member of the Maryland General Assembly’s House of Delegates from Baltimore County’s Legislative District 10.
  • He serves on its committee for Environment, Transportation and Housing issues.
  • Has sponsored or co-sponsored over 400 pieces of legislation since taking office.
  • Awards almost $50,000 each year in student scholarships for college and professional education.
  • Distributes free school supplies each year to hundreds of deserving students in K-12 grades.
  • Sponsors District Night in Annapolis, Annapolis Report, Community Get Together and Free Health Fair every year for his constituents, all of which are routinely attended by hundreds of people and paid for by him out of pocket.

A few examples of Dr. Jay’s Landmark Legislation:

  • $3,000,000 every year in Maryland budget for homeless shelters to help reduce homelessness.
  • Student Loans Waivers  for Orphans and Foster Care Recipients
  • Juvenile Justice Reforms to curb incarceration, handcuffing, shackling and strip searching of children as young as 7 years old without conviction of any crime.
  • Protect First Responders, Fire Fighters and EMTs against physical assaults of injuries in line of duty.
  • Expedited DNA Testing of Rape Kits to reduce sexual crimes against women.

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