HB 0166/SB0280

Minimum Wage (“Fight for Fifteen”)

This bill phases in an increase in the State minimum wage to $15.00 per hour by July 2026, with a longer phase-in for employers with 14 or fewer employees.



Juvenile Law – Continued Detention – Minimum Age

This bill prohibits the continued detention, beyond emergency detention, of a child younger than age 12 unless the child is alleged to have committed a crime of violence or is likely to leave the jurisdiction of the court.



Race–Based Traffic Stops – Policy and Reporting Requirements

This bill makes permanent the data collection and reporting program related to race-based traffic stops by repealing its termination date. This will allow for a record of the number of times motorists are stopped just because of the color of their skin.



Duplicate Driver’s Licenses – Victims of Robbery or Theft

This bill requires the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) to issue a duplicate license free of charge to a victim of a robbery or theft whose license is taken if the driver applying for a duplicate license presents a police report of the robbery or theft.



Organic Recycling

This bill prohibits an owner or operator of a refuse disposal system from accepting loads of separately collected food waste for final disposal unless the owner or operator provides for the organic recycling of the food waste. The bill also allows the owner or operator of a refuse disposal system to accept separately collected yard waste if the owner or operator provides for the organics recycling of the yard waste. An individual who violates the bill’s provisions is subject to existing injunctive action and the imposition of civil and administrative penalties.



Animal Abuse Registry

This bill requires the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) to establish and maintain a central computerized Animal Abuse Registry of persons convicted of specified animal abuse or neglect offenses. Each registrant must pay an annual registration fee of $50 for 15 years. The bill also establishes an Animal Abuse Registry Fund within DPSCS. The fund may be used only for funding the administration of registry laws by county sheriffs and DPSCS.


Bond Initiative: Glyndon Volunteer Fire Department – $500,000

I worked on obtaining $500,000 in state funding for the construction and renovation of GVFD